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Spring Yard Clean-Up

Spring yard clean-up includes the lawn and landscape areas. We will thoroughly rake the lawn at least two times, cut, edge, and trim all turf areas, remove leaves and dead grass from the lawn, debris from the landscape areas, sidewalks, driveways, and patios will be blown off. Disposal fees are not included in price. There is a $150 minimum charge for this service, plus disposal.

Weekly Mowing Service

Weekly mowing service / lawn care: (May 1st - second week of October / 24 WEEKLY VISITS). Mowing service includes, detailed mowing, edging, trimming and bagging of all turf areas, all sidewalks, patios, & drives are blown off each weekly visit. Mowing service price is based on proper equipment needed for contour and size of the lawn. 24 Weekly Mowing’s will be divided into 5 monthly payments May 1st – September. Note: If your lawn is overgrown and has NOT been maintained before weekly mowing begins, JLS will bill you by the hour for the first visit.

Leaf Removal & October Mowing

Leaf removal mowing service is for the last 2 weeks of October. This service includes: removal of leaves from the lawn, sidewalks, and hard surfaces only, sidewalks, patios & drives are blown off each visit. The landscape beds will be done with he final Fall clean-up.

Plant and Shrub Trimming

Plant and shrub trimming service includes: detailed pruning and shearing of all necessary plants, weeding of all landscape beds, and hard surfaces (weed control applied as necessary), and deadheading of perennials and annuals for a professional look. Fall plant / shrub cut backs can be scheduled in October or November.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters & down spouts are cleared by hand or with power blower. Areas that are unable to be cleared will be brought to your attention. Priced per visit plus disposal.

Fall Lawn Care and Clean Up

Fall lawn care and clean up includes the lawn and landscape areas. We will thoroughly cut and trim the turf areas, remove leaves, and dead grass from lawn, clean out debris from all landscape areas, sidewalks, driveways, and patios, debris from sidewalks, driveways, and patios will be blown off. Disposal fees are not included in price. There is a $150 minimum charge for Fall clean-up service.

De-thatching and Power Raking

With De-thatching and power raking services we will thoroughly power rake the lawn at least two times, cut, and trim all turf areas, debris from sidewalks, driveways and patios will be blown off. Disposal fees are not included in price. There is a $150 minimum charge for this service, plus disposal.

Lawn Fertilization

Applications consists of a slow release granular fertilizer to improve color and promote dense turf. Each yard fertilization application includes spot spraying of weeds present in the lawn.
SPRING: Pre-emergent is applied in the spring for a crabgrass preventative.
FALL: The fall lawn fertilization application is to help prepare the grass roots for winter.
For best results we recommend all 5 applications.

Aeration Lawn Service

Do you have an invisible fence? YesNo JLS is not responsible for damage to unmarked irrigation heads or invisible fencing.
Aeration lawn service is great for root development, improves the thickness of your lawn, reduces thatch, and builds drought resistance. Aeration lawn services are offered during the fall season. Overseeding is done after the aeration lawn service. It helps thicken the turf and is one of golf courses best kept secrets!

Mosquito Pest Control

Full season control, with event sprayingOne-time event spray
Mosquito control is a seasonal service. Treatments are all season long from May to the end of September, every 10-17 days. We use an exclusive proprietary blend of garlic, citronella, and other essential oils. Using only a minimal amount of control product to eradicate the existing mosquitoes on your property. Applied every 2-3 weeks or notify us of the desired months. If there is ever an issue with a treatment we will come out and retreat for free. If you are hosting a party or want a one-time mosquito control treatment, we can do that as well. Seasonal customers can also request a treatment if you're hosting a party.

Japenese Beetle, Mole and Grub Control

For lawn grub control the insecticide will help kill the larvae underground, preventing them not only from damaging your lawn, but keeping them from pupating into beetles and destroying your landscaped trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetable gardens. The best time to treat for lawn grub control is in the Spring & early summer. The killing of the food source (grubs) will help eliminate and or reduce your mole problem. For infested lawns, we recommend 2 applications for total lawn grub control: April, June or August. Each application needs to be watered in. Contact us for a custom program and/or inspection of your lawn.


Snapshot weed control a great way to prevent weeds growing in your landscape rocks or mulch. Snap-shot weed control is a pre-emergent and will help prevent new weeds from growing in your landscape. Snapshot weed control is a season-long control and it is safe around perennials.

Landscape Weed Service

Weed control is applied to hard surfaces, mulch and rock beds during Fertilizer and Weed Control visits. We carefully apply weed control to hard surfaces and landscape areas. Custom programs available.
Full Service 5 Months May-SeptMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember


JLS can help you design and install your landscaping project. Need materials installed or refreshed like mulch, rock, plants or trees? JLS can help.

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