Weekly Mowing Service


Weekly mowing service/lawn care: (May 1st - second week of October / 24 WEEKLY VISITS).

Mowing service includes, detailed mowing, edging, trimming, and bagging of all turf areas, all sidewalks, patios, & drives are blown off each weekly visit.

Mowing service price is based on proper equipment needed for the contour and size of the lawn. 24 Weekly mowings will be divided into 5 monthly payments from May 1st – September.

Note: If your lawn is overgrown and has NOT been maintained before weekly mowing begins, JLS will bill you by the hour for the first visit. $68hr / per person. Your lawn will be bagged every week unless you notify the office. (Disposal fee: $4.50 per 55 gal or $25 per yard) Disposal not included in price.

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