Snow Removal


Snow removal service contract is valid November 1st - March 31st. If a snow event happens before November 1st or after March 31st, JLS Yard Maintenance , will automatically clean the snow unless you notify us or cancel service. If snow removal is required before November 1st or after March 31st you will be billed your “per-time rate” for service.

We stake all driveways prior the first snowfall at no extra charge and mark any necessary obstacles to avoid unnecessary damage.

Each snowfall must accumulate at least 1” of snow before plow service is rendered, unless client contracts for services less than 1”. When heavy snow storms are expected, JLS Yard Maintenance will plow every 4”-6” to keep driveways open and accessible. During heavy storms we may skip the sidewalks to allow time to get to each driveway in a timely fashion. But will clean all sidewalks and driveways edge to edge, according to the contract, on the final visit, when snow cleaning is required more than once, in a snow event. When a snow event produces 4” or more, each visit is counted individually during heavy snowstorms, when multiple visits are required.

During snowfalls 4” or less, JLS Yard Maintenance will have drives and/or sidewalks cleared within eight hours of the end of the snowstorm. During heavy snowfalls over 4”, JLS Yard Maintenance reserves the right for additional time “as needed” to clear driveways due to driving conditions, visibility, and personal safety. Mailboxes are cleared and accessible each visit as well as follow up service to clear the heavy snow at the end of the driveway or walks after the city plows have come through at no extra charge exclusively for “package” customers only upon request.

JLS Yard Maintenance is not responsible for surface scrapes, scratches, rust stains, or chips to driveways, including paver and stamped concrete driveways, due to normal plowing wear and tear. All driveways are subject to on-site inspection. Sod damage will be repaired in the spring when necessary due to “physical” plow damage. Dead grass due to ice, heavy snow, or ice melt products will NOT be considered JLS Yard Maintenance responsibility to repair.

All prepaid packages are non-refundable nor can they be credited to your account in the event of an atypical winter season.

A 30 day written notice is required to cancel service.

Major storms with extreme conditions that produce road closures and an exceptional amount of snow may produce additional costs for needed special equipment and labor.

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